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We are an independent production house and represent Europe’s biggest developer family.
We focus on development, production and mediation of games and gaming applications.
We support and coach startups and developers creating games for all major platforms.
we participate in projects in the areas of VR/AR, serious games, gamification,conferences, education/training and lobbying.




  • Our experienced BizDev team visits 30+ trade shows all over the world to pitch your concepts to many potential clients and takes care of all the follow up work.
  • We keep your cashflow going and your team busy with our centralized work for hire management system
  • We offer support and counseling in the following areas:
    • - acquisition of funding
    • - structure, strategy and synergy
    • - organization and planning of internal teams


  • We provide open and honest feedback to your designs and ideas, just like a publisher would do.
  • We challenge your designs and help you to understand your target audience.
  • We rate and review game design, art direction, UI, story and setting.
  • We help you understand your USPs and how to turn your game into a brand.
  • We help to guide you through the live ops and maintenance process.
  • We provide you with industry research and insights.


  • Every family studio has a dedicated Account Manager assigned to them who is the “go-to guy” for all matters of corporate and team development, helps to define and achieve strategic goals, supports and guides you and your team.
  • Bi-Annual “DevSummits“ – our developer conferences – bringing together all family members as well as internal and external speakers for three days.
  • Constant exchange of ideas, tech expertise and even manpower through various communications channels.

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I'm Jyri. And I am the guy you will see and talk to first.
I'll put your case on the table of our best experts and will support you in any way possible.
But there is one thing I need you to do in the first place: get in touch! If you got a great team or a fantastic game or even both I strongly encourage you to send me a quick note via email.
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remote control productions finland oy is a company incorporated under Finish law with its headquarters in Kotka.

Managing Director: Jyri Partanen


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